This project began with a trip to the antique store.  I found a box full of old apothecary bottles and picked a handful of the most appealing shapes.  After the physical bottles had been secured I spent a good deal of time researching medicine bottle design from the 1860's to the 1900's.  I noticed that most labels made use of illustration, line work, and garish display fonts.  My first mockups with just type and illustration were nice but they didn't quite read authentic to me yet.   The moment came when I went back to my research folder and noticed that the labels of that time didn't follow any of the modern day principles of typography that I had been keen to pay attention to.  So with some trepidation I proceeded to break every typographic rule I could.  It was a painful process but the end result was a collection of labels that had people asking if they were actually from that era.  The aging and colour process was applied after the initial type and illustration was completed.  This process included staining textured heavy weight papers.photographing them and finally applying them to the final composition digitally.  Once the labels were complete I printed them out  and applied them to the bottles.
Finally I filled the bottles and sealed them with hand carved corks. 
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